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School of Rock Roles

The following descriptions are from Concord Theatricals:

Dewey Finn: Onstage guitar, rock tenor, range B2 – E5: a wannabe rock star with big dreams, Dewey finds himself in urgent need of some cash after getting kicked out of his band. He impersonates a teacher to land a job at the prestigious Horace Green prep school, where he turns his class of straight-A students into a rock group and enters them into the Battle of the Bands.

Rosalie Mullins: Soprano, Range A3 – D6: Proper and a bit uptight, Rosalie is the headmistress of Horace Green School. She has a secret love of rock music, and yearns to recapture the carefree spirit of youth.

Ned Schneebly: Baritone, Range C3 – F#4: Ned is an old friend of Dewey’s, and the two currently share a flat with Ned’s girlfriend Patty. He used to play in Dewey’s band, but is now a substitute teacher – who Dewey impersonates to get a job at Horace Green. Ned is still passionate about his music, but tends to let his bossy girlfriend Patty tell him what to do.

Patty Di Marco: Mezzo-Soprano Belt, Range B3 – E5: Ned’s domineering girlfriend, who lives with Ned and Dewey. She calls the shots in their relationship, and isn’t too happy about Dewey’s presence in their flat — or his influence on Ned.

Adult ensemble: Theo, Doug, Bob, Snake (No Vacancy, Battle of the Bands)

Teachers: Mr. Sanders, Ms. Gordon, Ms Sheinkopf, Gabe Brown, Mr. Green, Mr. Noble, Ms Bingham, Mr. Woodard, Mr. James, Ms Macapugay, Mr. Wagner, SATB chorus; Parents: Mr. Sandford, SATB chorus

Jeff Sanderson, Stanley, Security Guards (at Battle of the Bands)


Summer Hathaway: range A3 – D5: Confident and outspoken, Summer is the ideal manager for the band. Ambitious and very clever, she hopes that winning the Battle of the Bands will look good on her college application.

Zack Mooneyham: Onstage Guitar: Range A3 – D5: Zack is the band’s lead guitarist and also a talented songwriter. Her desperatelu wants to impress his father, who is usually too busy with work to take an interest in his family.

Tomika: Range A3 – G5: New girl Tomika is struggling to fit in at Horace Green. She conquers her shyness to reveal her phenomenal singing ability, and becomes a lead vocalist alongside Dewey in the band.

Lawrence: Onstage piano/keyboard, Range A3 – D#5: Awkward and lacking in confidence, Lawrence is hesitant to attempt something “cool” like joining a band, but he soon turns out to be a fantastic keyboardist.

Katie: onstage bass guitar, Range A3 – D#5: Quiet and serious, Katie already played the cello, but switched to bass at Dewey’s suggestion to fill out the band.

Freddie Hamilton: Onstage Drums, Range A3 – D5: Freddie loves ea bit of rowdiness and noise, making him a great drummer. His own father doesn’t see his ability, constantly belittling his son.

Marcy & Shonelle: Range A3 – G5: Quiet girls with angelic voices. Marcy and Shonelle are the band’s back-up singers and dancers.

Mason: Range A3 – D5: Mason is a total whiz with technology and creates special effects and fantastic lighting designs for the band’s performances using his laptop.

Billy, Range A3 – D5: Flamboyant and artistic, Billy has a passionate interest in fashion, even though his father wants him to be a footballer like the other men in his family. He designs the band’s costumes.

James, Range A3 – D5: James is tough and reliable, Making him a good security guard for the band. Mostly, he keeps and eye out for anyone coming while the band is secretly rehearsing.

Sophie and Madison, Range A3 – D5: Sophie and Madison are technically the band’s roadies, but alkso serve as backup dancers during performances.