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MASC September Board Meeting Minutes

September 9, 2018 7:00 pm  MAFAC

Attendance: Bob Schwoch, Maureen Keimig, Ross Holmberg, Brent Lamfers, Paula Nemes, Judy Houselog, Annie Magnuson and Brian Paco.

I. Approve the August Minutes- Brent motioned to approve; Annie seconded. Motion carried.

II. Treasurer’s Report- Balance of checking account = $14,942.98. All Shakespeare bills have been paid. Still outstanding for Chicago is the fee for the rental of the SMSU theater. Additional mics were purchased from the Note Gallery for $1248. Maureen motioned to approve report; Annie seconded. Motion carried.

III. Old Business

A. Website Management– For now, Brent and Emilirose are the only administrators on the MASC website. WordPress is updating. Request from Emilirose to be added to the MASC email list. Send photos from this year´s MASC season to Emilirose for the website and Maureen for the Facebook page.

B. Committee Reports:

a. Production Manual/Liability/ Process Timelines- nothing new at this time.

b. Costume Inventory- Possible garage sale date is the weekend of 9/28-29.

C. Antony and Cleopatra, directed by Annie Magnusson, August 17-19- Evaluation-There was a good showing for audiences. Friday-31 and Saturday 46, Sunday performance cancelled due to weather. Discussion started on who decides if a show should be traveled, the director or MASC? It was decided that it should be brought up during the proposal and the MASC Board should approve. Also discussed was whether we should change parks. For now, it is still the bandshell park.

D. Radio Drama, directed by Paula Nemes- moved to 2019-Either end of January or first weekend in February. Paula would like to do winter stories. Brent will file extension for grant evaluation with SMAC for using the new sound equipment purchased with the grant funds.

E. Rest-A-Spell, Spring Show/ MACT*Fest, directed by Maureen Keimig-need to set a date at the library to preview show and apply for a SMAC grant for travel expenses. Next deadline in December.  The Board will meet on November 11th at 2:00 pm to work on grant.

IV. New Business-

A. Tech Support– no requests at this time.

B. Recycling Promo Videos– Roger Schroeder-Maureen needs to write a script for ad.

C. US Bank Grant, Check received June 28, 2017 and wireless mics were purchased.

D. Sound upgrades– SMAC Equipment Grant- File project extension-

                                   Mixer and Speakers used for MAFAC, still need a case.

F. MASC 2019/2020 Season proposals  Survey Monkey form-so far we have one proposal for   Shakespeare in the Park 2019.

G. MASC Collaboration w/ LBOH on 1776 in Fall of 2019- STILL NO INFORMATION.

H. Tickets to the City- nothing new.

I. Patron Drive– Update- Add credit card option for 2019

J. Mamma Mia!, 2019 Musical-nothing new at this time.

K. SMSU- Friends of the Theater-Maureen motioned to continue to donate $250 for Friends of  the Theater; Brian seconded. Motion carried.

   Homecoming Parade October 6th- Brian motioned for Bob to be point person for Homecoming Parade; Judy seconded. Motion carried.

L. SMAC Artist Retreat, Ortonville, September 29th

M. Nominations Open for All MASC Officers and Two At-Large Board Members

Next MASC Board Meeting- Annual Meeting w/Elections, MAFAC, October 7, 7:00 pm.